Thursday, November 18, 2010

What It's Like to Win "Iron Chef America"

Last winter I taped an episode of "Iron Chef America" in which I competed against Jose Garces, the newest Iron Chef and the renowned chef/owner of six well-known Latin and Spanish restaurants in Philadelphia and Chicago. Some of you probably saw the episode when it aired on Food Network on November 7th. The secret ingredient? Tongue and Cheek. Having grown up eating the stuff, I was thrilled to get to showcase the versatility of these underappreciated cuts.

The battle itself was one of the toughest hours of my life...and then there was the judging! Chef Garces created some fantastic dishes, but in the end my guys and I emerged as the victors by a 5-point margin. It still feels like I dreamt it.

Since the episode aired, I've had so many people ask, "What did it feel like to win?" One of the people who asked was Plate magazine editor Chandra Ram. If you're curious, here's what I told her.

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